Stop using harmful cotton swabs

Cotton swabs came around a long time ago and have been bad for our ears ever since.

They push most of the ear wax deeper and deeper into the ear. This causes clogged ears, infections, and even punctured eardrums! People have been trying all kinds of alternate methods to get rid of ear wax, but they often make it worse.

Now, there’s a doctor-approved device called the Tvidler. Made right here

Meet The Tvidler

The Tvidler is designed so you can easily insert the soft flex tip while not going too far into the ear canal. All you have to do after insertion is twist it. This makes the flex tip grip on the ear wax, so all you then have to do is pull and extract all the ear wax that was stuck in your ears. Thus, clearing your ears and preventing infections and other problems.

Reusable tip
Smart design
Screw design
Soft flex tip

Innovative design

The Tvidler is designed so you can easily insert the soft flex tip. But not go to far into the ear canal. All you have to do after insertion is twisting it. This makes the flex tip grip on the ear wax, so all you have to do is pull and extract all the ear wax that was stuck in your ears. Clearing your ears and preventing infections and other problems.

Tvidler Features

Tvidler is the first and only brand that offers safe and quick ear wax removal. Our unique and patented design is here to satisfy all people.

Soft flex tip

Made from a soft, flexible material that doesn’t harm the ear canal

Screw design

The screw design grips ear wax for easy removal


The Tvidler and the Tvidler tip are reusable and washable.

Safe to use

It’s designed to be safe and foolproof, so you can’t hurt yourself while using it, unlike with Q-tips.

Improve ear health

An unclogged ear canal is less likely to get an infection and cause diseases.

Made in the U.S.A

Made right here in the U.S.

Get the Tvidler for $29.95 instead of $59.90

We are offering a 50% discount to the first 5,000 customers

TIP: Order 2 or more Tvidlers and get a bigger discount! Plus, you get extra tips. So you’ll never run out of them.

Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying about Tvidler. Many people from all over the world are already using Tvidler’s technology and have shared their experiences with us.


The spiral tip did a great job exfoliating earwax outward instead of pushing it further in. You gotta make sure to twist it according to the instructions (clockwise) or it won’t work. My wife and I have different amounts of earwax, so I use it twice a week and she uses it once a week.


I’ve always been worried about ear cleaning as it can be dangerous or you could push earwax deeper with qtips , but after using this spiral cleaner, I am confident in the safety and effectiveness of this method over the others for myself and my kids. I love the safety stopper that stops you from reaching the eardrum and soft tips with a massaging feeling. My kids used to run away when it came to ear cleaning time, but now they stay calm and let me get the job done since I started using a smart swab. However, doctors say minimal earwax is good for protecting your ear, so don’t clean it more than once or twice a week. All in all, I think it’s a great tool for everyone in the family.


I was looking for a good-quality ear wax remover and decided to try this product. This ear wax remover comes in a carrying box with 16 tips that can be used for a while. The key feature of this wax remover device is the soft tips that are the ideal consistency to remove wax. It’s easy to use and ideally fits the ear canal without any compression. The spiral nature of the tips will help to clean the ear canal completely and no residue is left behind. Since these tips are made with soft rubber, it doesn’t leave any particles like cotton swabs and so help to get a cleaner ear.


This is definitely the safest earwax remover for when your ears are itchy. I have used this ear cleaner a couple of times now, and it has worked every time. It doesn’t say to do it on the instructions, but be cautious with it... definitely good value for money tho.


I was very pleased with this item. It was easy to use and very gentle on my ears. Also, it arrived within 2 days of order, which is fine. Lastly, I’d like to say that this product is great for kids since they often put q-tips too deep into their ears. I highly recommend this tool.


This product arrived early and was exactly as described. It is cleverly made, the instructions were clear, it is easy to use, and it seems safe. My only issue is all these extra tips, handy, but since you can just rinse them, they take up space.


This device works like a charm. I have very soft ear wax myself and used to use a lot of cotton swabs. Unknowingly, I pushed the ear wax further and further in, ending in an ear infection. They pulled out a massive lump of hardened black ear wax in the hospital. Which was, of course, the main reason for the ear infection. After that, I started searching for an alternative solution for removing ear wax. From all the products I tested, this one works the best of all. Quick and easy removal of extra ear wax.


First time I used it, lots of black-brownish ear wax got pulled out. I guess it’s what’s been building up in my ears over the years. This product works as advertised, I can only recommend it. I advise using it after a shower, so your ear wax isn’t too dry. Overall great product.


I once punctured my eardrum with a q-tip. Ever since then, I’ve sworn off them. The pain of a punctured eardrum is unimaginable. However, I did still want clean ears. So I searched for a solution and came across this. Initially, I had no hope for this product. I WAS WRONG!!! This thing is amazing, it’s soft, washable and doesn’t push ear wax in. Instead, it screws and pulls it out. I’ve been using it twice a week since it arrived.